The Flint Hills Rodeo

Talk about a beautiful night in Kansas: Cowboys. Horses. Country music. A quick road trip with one of my best friends.

On Saturday my friend Andrea and I went to the Flint Hills Rodeo, which is held in Strong City, Kansas… a teeny tiny town in the Flint Hills.

The Flint Hills are beautiful…miles of rolling hills in all directions.

And cows.  Rolling hills and cows.

We got there a little early, just as the cowboys were getting their horses saddled up.

We made sure to stick around to supervise.

Let’s take a closer look to better observe the…horses:

I’m suddenly reminded of my favorite Dixie Chicks song from back in the day.

By 8pm it had finally cooled off a little and it was time for the rodeo to start.
How adorable are the little kids up front in cowboy hats?

They stayed there the whole time.

There was a concert after the rodeo so we didn’t make the two hour drive home until after midnight. It had been a long day and we’d packed in not only the rodeo and concert but also a little shopping and hanging out in the country.  It was a perfect day and I can’t wait until the next small town rodeo!

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